So there you are…alone, desperate and hungry. Wait. Who’s that coming down the road? Another survivor just like you? Except this guy is alone, desperate and hungry times 3. To him you look like the main course.

He’s coming for you and the only thing you have, with which to defend yourself, is your bare hands.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

You should maintain a “Hand-to-Hand Combat Stance” through out the confrontation. You need to stay squared off and and face-to-face with your attacker. It’s called going toe-to-toe for a reason. It may seem like a good idea to turn your body so half of it is further away from the baddie, but, while you’re making half your body harder to hit, you are also making half your weapons harder to use. It will be much easier for your attacker to see that right cross coming if you have to first bring the right side of your body within striking range.

Face the attacker, have your feet at shoulder’s width, with your arms up, parallel to one another, and bent at the elbows. Your knees should be slightly bent, and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Always return to this stance when not striking.

Don’t try to scare people with weird “crouching-drunken-monkey-mantis-fist” styles that you make up on the spot. Keep both feet on the ground and maintain your balance, most people will try to knock you off your feet, and if they get you on your back, well, it won’t be good.

We obviously can’t learn Kung-Fu by reading a blog. You need to enroll your whole family in self-defense classes and practice often.


You will never win any fight through defense. Once the first move has been made, your next move needs to follow with multiplying aggressiveness.  If your aggressiveness isn’t twice that of your attacker’s, you lose.

If your attacker hits you, you hit him back twice as fast, twice as many times and twice as hard. If you made the first move, then make the second as well…twice as hard and twice as fast as the first.

Your Built In Weapons

Your built in weapons are the parts of your body which can be used to strike/attack someone; the heel of your hand, the edge of your hand, elbows, knees, fists, feet and teeth. Scratching with fingernails won’t do any real damage and will most likely just anger the attacker.

There are no fair fights in a survival scenario. These aren’t two men honorably squaring off.  When you’re fighting for your life you use every tool available to you. Nothing is off limits. Whatever needs to be done to win, that is what you do.

Everyday Items As Weapons

Obviously, many items can be used as a weapon. A very effective, everyday item is a pen or pencil. Not only do they have the ability to puncture the skin, but they can cause small points of blunt force trauma which, when repeated quickly and often, will confuse your attacker and give you the advantage.

Other items like screwdrivers, hammers, flatware (forks, spoons, butter knives), penlights, keys, etc have the potential to become great weapons. Obviously, anything sturdy you can get your hands on, has the potential to cause harm. Some more than others. The items nearby and the situation will dictate what is useful.

I’m not mentioning things like steak knives, chef knives, cleavers, pocket knives, etc for two reasons; 1) They are obviously weapons whereas a pen might not cross your mind as a weapon. 2) The chance of finding a meat cleaver during a fight seems a little unlikely and most likely these type of items would have been found and collected by others.

Strike Points

Temple – Beneath a thin bit of skull is the middle meningeal artery, between the skull and the dura. If you strike your opponent hard enough in the temple, this artery can rupture, leaking blood into the skull and causing pressure on the brain, ultimately resulting in death.

Eyes – The eyes are great strike points. You can blind your enemy, either temporarily or permanently. Not only can you punch your attacker with a closed first, but you can fight dirty and gouge their eyes with your thumbs or fingers.  Think how much it hurts just to poke your eye slightly. Now imagine someone ramming their thumb in there. If your attacker is getting the best of you, this is a great move; if you have the opportunity. He will be holding his face screaming in pain and you can run or finish the job.

Nose – By hitting the bridge, you will cause severe pain, breakage, temporary blindness, and a bloody mess. Taking a hard, direct hit to the schnoz is disorienting and makes you “see stars”. Most people need a moment to get there act together after taking a shot to the honker. This is, again, your chance to run or finish him off. Remember, multiplying aggression.

Upper Lip – Contains a lot of nerves close to the surface and, therefore, when hit hard causes a lot of pain. In many cases, this will render the attacker unconscious. The upper lip also bleeds significantly when split which will panic some people.

Chin – If you’ve got a strong right hook or a mean jab, you’ll be able to knock your attacker out. You can also use the palm of your hand against his chin to keep from hurting your fist on the hard chin bone.

Adam’s Apple –  People tend to defend this area by keeping their arms up to block any strikes or grabs, however, if you find an opening, go for it. Striking or squeezing this area will throw your attacker off his game, giving you an opportunity to strike other critical areas.  If you strike or squeeze the Adam’s apple hard enough, it’s game over for the baddie.

Esophagus – Located just below the Adam’s apple. If you can get your hands around the neck and push your thumbs hard enough against the esophagus, your attacker will lose consciousness. If you are able to land a hard strike in this area it will cause coughing and the sensation of being unable to breath, panicking your attacker and giving you the advantage.

Neck – Obviously, a strong enough blow to the neck or twisting it past it’s limits can break it. This is not as easy as the movies make it seem. Any decent blow to the neck is going to be painful and break the attacker’s concentration giving you the upper hand. The neck, however, is well defended by the shoulders and arms. If you get a lucky shot at the neck, take it but don’t rely on a neck blow. - Gun Classifieds

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