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In this guide we’ll help you understand solar flares, discuss if you should even be concerned and what steps to take to prepare for such an event. A Solar Who? Earth gets it’s light and heat from our nearest star, the Sun. Unfortunately,  the Sun, as beautiful and beneficial as […]


The goal of this article is to give those who are too lazy to prep or are convinced nothing bad will ever happen a fighting chance. When you’re faced with a disaster, be it natural or man made, you’re going to need to respond quickly. This article is going to […]


Depending on your level of preparedness and your situation, you might need to do a some scavenging. During disaster scenarios, scavenging is common.  A situation may arise that, regardless of your level of preparedness, requires you to scavenge. For example you may need parts for a vehicle or piece of […]


So there you are…alone, desperate and hungry. Wait. Who’s that coming down the road? Another survivor just like you? Except this guy is alone, desperate and hungry times 3. To him you look like the main course. He’s coming for you and the only thing you have, with which to defend […]


That’s right. Booze! This is a very beneficial item to stock. The uses are numerous. All types of alcohol are good. You may prefer some to others such as vodka over whiskey or tequila over vodka. But they will all be equally as effective. You may want to get some […]